Collaborative Revenue Capture for Exiled and Restricted Media

As part of our ongoing projects in restricted environments, Clare Cook has been working with media providers in exile and restricted media to understand ways to make them more sustainable.

The work has focussed on understanding how:

  • To articulate and define collaborative revenue capture as a model
  • To explore how digital technologies can facilitate collaborative revenue capture
  • To evaluate potential new collaborative revenue streams
  • To assess the extent to which collaborative revenue capture can be used for the benefit of the exiled media sector

The interactive report explores the extent to which collaboration between media – rather than working in isolation to chase much-needed revenues – could be an option.

The studio held a Nemode-funded workshop in December. It brought together stakeholders from a range of sectors: donor organisations such as Open Society, Internews and the Rory Peck Trust, with media in exile and restricted environments with digital and creative leaders.

This work will now continue via a research network exploring media innovation for exiled and restricted media, pilots using proximity broadcasting for media in restricted environments, and a study on the impact of social media for such media and the correlation with sustainability.

To be involved in any of this work or to find out more, tweet @cecook