Innovative Ecosystems at Web2Day

The Media Innovation Studio’s very own Clare Cook was recently talking innovation ecosystem’s at Nantes’ Web2Day conference.



Media innovation ecosystems was the theme of a panel discussion at web2day in Nantes where Clare Cook presented the Media Innovation Studio.

She was joined in her panel by Ann Darby, head of strategic partnerships at The Landing at Media City, and Valerie Claude Gaudillat, developer of Mediacampus, Nantes.

Nantes is increasingly carving itself out as a hub for digital and creative startups, wanting to be the capital of all things ‘numerique’. The festival brings together entrepreneurs from a range of sectors, and all corners of the globe.

The talk focussed on how media ecosystems form, and what partnerships or strategic decisions need to be made.

Clare said: “It was a really interesting point of reflection, to see how far we have come in a year and a half, and to think seriously about how that has happened. Who have we met? What projects have taken us where? It all makes for an interesting springboard to where we are going next and I look forward to working strategically with both Mediacampus and The Landing in the future.”

To read Clare’s round-up of the session, head over to her website here.