Newsprint to demo at EPSRC Digital Futures

Interactive Newsprint will be appearing at the EPSRC’s Digital Futures 2012  conference in Aberdeen this week (October 22nd).

The conference describes itself as a “multidisciplinary environment in which innovative thinkers and researchers are able to share ideas about how to make an impact on society across a range of sectors including transport, healthcare, financial services, and the creative industries”.

Interactive Newsprint will demonstrate a range of our prototypes. These include our interactive Lancashire Evening Post, photojournalism project ‘Outsiders’, ‘paper headphones’ and a series of test cards that have been developed to investigate user responses to paper-based interactive functionalities.

Members of the of project team in Aberdeen – which include the University of Surrey’s Professor David Frohlich and Dr Phil Ely – will also take part in the conference’s ‘lighting demonstrations’ to highlight Interactive Newsprint’s work and ambitions. These ambitions centre on establishing “a number of fluid examples of updatable paper-based media that have direct relevance to both the groups and their audiences, along with a robust back-end that could allow digitally-enabled sustainability”.

The project has a number of public displays this year, including MozFest and news:rewired.