Interactive LEP prototyped in Preston



As the project nears its final phase of development, the Interactive Newsprint team is pulling together the various elements of the project to combine design, technology and editorial work in a series of complete and interactive demonstrators.

Early September saw Jon Rogers (University of Dundee) and Paul Egglestone (UCLan) work with a small number of Preston based individuals and groups to show them the project’s latest prototype: an edition of the Lancashire Evening Post.

The paper has been revised to include a number of interactive functions, including Facebook likes, story rating and voting and a full audio recording of an interview with David Cameron. Users at the workshop provided a number of responses to prototype, and how it could be further honed in future.

Thanks to internet connectivity, the paper can also ‘track’ interactions – in a similar way to online analytics services – that create the potential for editorial and commercial to monitor when, where and how frequently users access the editorial material. Check out the video above for more information.

We’re now in the process of collecting feedback from users and considering how we would refine, develop and reinterpret future examples of the platform in light of the info we receive.

Over the coming months, Interactive Newsprint will be providing a number of new iterations of the platform. These include (but are not limited to) an ‘exhibit’ of Outsiders – a piece by photojournalist Garry Cook, an interactive poster for Community Gateway housing association and a version with Citizenside.

We’re also exhibiting in the Fieldguide space at London Design Festival, at 4 Cromwell Place, South Kensington. Check out this post for more information…