Sarah Hartley

UCLan visiting faculty member Sarah Hartley is a journalism entrepreneur and experienced news executive. An Xoogler with the Google News Initiative (GNI), she was previously a journalist at The Guardian along with other major news titles in the UK including the Manchester Evening News and The Northern Echo.

Before moving into the GNI as a manager for the global Innovation Challenges programme, she was responsible for several high profile innovative news launches over the years. These include citizen journalism/beat blogging initiative Guardian Local, crowdfunding platform Contributoria and collaborative news platform
In summer 2023, Sarah founded, The Northern Eco – a newsletter publication which focuses on actionable environmental news from the north of England. In addition, Sarah helps journalists and news organisations navigate the fast-changing digital media environment specialising in increasing climate literacy within the news industry.

Outside of work Sarah is a keen cyclist, a hobby handily assisted by being based in the cycling mecca of northern England (Yorkshire Dales). She also has an active interest in art, photography and travel as well as a long-term obsession with cooking and eating out.