Dr Mark Lochrie

Dr Mark Lochrie

Lecturer in Computer Science

Human-Computer Interaction, Interaction Design, User Experience, Prototyping

ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-7909-8455

Mark is a lecturer in Computer Science, focussed on Human Computer Interaction, Interaction Design and User Experience. His teaching currently includes Mobile and Web Application Development, User Experience and the Internet of Things. Which is linked to his research interests of exploring the intersection of objects, people and interactions viewed through the lens of meaningful experiences, woven by physical and digital materials. Focussed within the domain of the Digital Public Space, making physical/digital installations and artefacts to support engagement with cultural and archival materials.

For Mark, digital is both tangible and invisible, crosses boundaries and is only challenged by our own creativity, innovation, and imagination. Human-Centered Design frameworks are what underpins his work, revolving around core principals of people, process, and prototyping. His research covers various emerging technologies, applied to a range of spaces to explore cultural challenges from novel ways of consuming news to designing for audiences of the future in museums, art galleries and libraries.

At his happiest, when making and understanding things. Whether that is making his teachings interesting (recently blended learning), playing LEGO with his son or prototyping experiences. The joys of making are fun. It is these moments where you can explore and discover new things, fail and learn from doing.