Dr Clare Cook

Research Practioner

Clare Cook is a research practitioner with a specialist interest in moving independent media through viable, sustainable and resilient models with a focus on revenue models. For seven years she has analysed and worked on independent journalism business models in Europe and politically pressured environments. She is co-author of several key reports such as Sustainable Business Models on the Net (COMET), Hyperlocal Revenues in the UK and Europe (Nesta) and Unlocking Journalism Resilience: Adapting a Digital Business Model to Promote Press Freedom (Wan-Ifra). Her thesis evaluates revenues in the path sustainability of web-indigenous journalism using a pragmatist approach. She inputs evidence to policy makers and media development programmes, and speaks internationally. Currently she is heading up research for a new platform called Value My News, which hopes to unlock new revenue streams for hyperlocal journalism sites in the UK, funded by Google DNI and Future News Fund. She offers business mentoring and consultancy to a wide range of organisations for public interest news including assessing grant applications. 

“Without money, news media can’t make journalism. That’s why we need to innovate in the space of business models, and in particular revenues. Whether through collaborative approaches, service- or storytelling-oriented models, new approaches and shared understanding can be transformative for how we find resilient models for journalism of all shapes and sizes.”

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