Harnessing conductive inks, ‘affordable hardware’ and the web connectivity, this collaborative project from the UK explores how physical print could offer a range of novel digital interactions. By connecting our ‘EKKO’ clip to a range of paper prototypes, each designed with a conductive ink matrix, print is transformed into digitally connected interfaces. Users can access audio material, vote or control a web-based game via the print via an accompanying app. Publishers also can manage the content, and generate analytic data from users, via the accompanying content management system – Interface. Developed by the Media Innovation Studio in collaboration with creative agencies Uniform and Thomas Buchanan, and the University of Dundee, the project worked with industry content partners spanning newspapers, magazines and book publishers to create a range of editorial experiences that re-imagine paper as a web-connected, and updatable platform. 

PI: John Mills

Co-I: Mark Lochrie

Partners and supporting partners: Uniform, Reach PLC, University of Dundee, Thomas Buchanan, Haymarket Media, Penguin

Funder: Google DNI