Aerial Uptake

Preston Co-Is: John Mills, Darren Ansell

Aerial Uptake brings together local / regional public authorities and key players of the UAS sector from six European regions to catalyse the creation of a single European drone market. Partners and regional stakeholders exchange and transfer knowledge to unleash the potentials of UAS technology for civil and commercial usages. Besides exploring and addressing the key needs and bottlenecks of innovation and commercialisation of UAS, partners investigate tailored solutions for increasing societal acceptance by enhancing and articulating positive social impacts of drone technology. UCLan’s work package is focussed on local economic development, supply chain resilience and exploitation, and ideas creation.

Partners: Municipality of Enschede Province of Overijssel, I2CAT Private Foundation, Internet and Digital Innovation of Catalunya, Government of Catalonia, City of Osijek, Rzeszow Regional Development Agency, Preston City Council, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden 

Funder: Interreg