Gareth West

PhD candidate

As an interaction designer, Gareth embeds a human centred approach to his practice to deliver empathic communication and user experiences. Channelled through a PhD study currently undertaken at the University of Central Lancashire.

His work explores approaches that not only proposes design and interaction as a tool for creating things, but also ideas. He uses design as a means of speculating about how things could be-to imagine possible and experiential futures.

Focusing on the User Experience for family audiences, his research sits within the central vision of the Digital Public Space, which is to give everyone everywhere unrestricted access to an open resource of culture and knowledge. Through building platforms for engagement and bringing a new dimension (activating) to cultural archives, creating novel experiences as a response identified as a future need for cultural institutions. This creates opportunities for prototyping novel interactions with the emergence of technologies such as the Internet of Things, bridging the gap between the physical and digital space. Focusing on understanding engagement through social interaction and deploying new technologies to create meaningful experiences.