New Interactions

Authors: John Mills, Eduardo Pellanda, André Pase
Where: Journalism Practice
Publication date: 08/09/2016

Using Audio and Interference as Locative Art

Authors: Jen Southern, Mark Lochrie, Adrian Gradinar, Paul Egglestone, Sam Thulin, Charles Quick, Elaine Speight
Where: British HCI 2016
Publication date: 13/07/2016

Connected Paper, EKKO and Analytic Futures: News and Paper Data

Authors: John Mills, Mark Lochrie , Andy Dickinson, Paul Egglestone , Tom Metcalf
Where: 2015 ACM International Conference on Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces
Publication date: 16/11/2015

Towards the affordable workhome

Authors: Paul Eggestone , Frances Holliss, Colin Davies, Carol Wolkowltz, Vivienne Nichols, Graham Watts
Where: AHRC Connected Communities Report
Publication date: 29/09/2010

Research on an Equal Footing? A UK Collaborative Inquiry into Community and Academic Knowledge

Authors: Paul Egglestone, Ann Light, Tom Wakeford, Jon Rogers
Where: Indigenous Knowledge Technology Conference
Publication date: 01/11/2011

Between Worlds

Authors: Paul Egglestone, Dan Dixon, John Rogers
Where: NESTA/AHRC Report
Publication date: 31/05/2012

Unlimited Theatre: Digital Playscripts

Authors: Paul Egglestone, Matt Locke, Jon Rogers, Jon Spooner, Ric Watts
Where: NESTA/AHRC Report

Viewpoint: Empowering Communities with Situated Voting

Authors: John Mills, Paul Egglestone, Nick Taylor, Justin Marshall, Alicia Blum-Ross, Jon Rogers, David M. Frohlich, Peter Wright, Patrick Olivier
Where: CHI 2012
Publication date: 10/05/2012

County magazines: lost in cyberspace?

Authors: Clare Cook, Cathy Darby
Where: Association for Journalism Education
Publication date: 30/09/2011

UK Social media, citizen journalism and alternative news in The Future of Quality News Journalism: a cross continental analysis

Authors: Clare Cook, Andy Dickinson, Peter J. Anderson, Michael Williams, George Ogola
Where: London: Routledge
Publication date: 30/09/2013

Sustainable Business Models on the Net

Authors: Clare Cook, E Sirkunnen
Where: Tampere: COMET
Publication date: 30/09/2013

What’s in a niche? Exploring the business model of online journalism

Authors: Clare Cook, E Sirkunnen
Where: Journal of Media Business Studies Volume 10 Number 4
Publication date: 30/09/2014

Collaborative Revenue Capture for Exiled Media

Authors: Clare Cook
Where: Nemode RCUK report
Publication date: 30/05/2015

Fragile Finance: mapping the revenue stream of exiled and restricted media

Authors: Clare Cook
Where: International Communication Gazette
Publication date: 16/09/2015

Utilising Insight Journalism for Community Technology

Authors: Paul Egglestone, John Mills, Nick Taylor, David M. Frohlich, Justin Marshall, Jon Rogers, Alicia Blum-Ross, Mike Shorter, Patrick Olivier
Where: CHI 2014
Publication date: 26/04/2014

Paper Gaming: Creating IoT paper

Authors: Mark Lochrie , John Mills, Paul Egglestone
Where: CHI-Play 2015
Publication date: 05/10/2015

Designing for the dichotomy of immersion in location based games

Authors: Adrian Gradinar, Jonny Huck, Paul Coulton, Mark Lochrie, Emmanuel Tsekleves
Where: Foundation of Digital Games 2015
Publication date: 22/06/2015