Interface of Things


This project runs in tandem with EKKO and Rare Occurrence, both of which explore how physical items can exist within the three-dimensional digital ecosystem of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Interface is the digital platform that connects IoT objects, acting both as a content management system and analytics suite for connected objects. Developed in collaboration with product development studio Thomas Buchanan and supported by Adrian Gradinar of TransparentBug, Interface enables physical devices and seeks to understand user interactions via a range of datasets and visualisations.
It allows users to update conductive ink media, such as audio files that activate via a user touching the relevant part of a printed design, or for newsrooms to update this subject remotely.

It also provides a tool for integrating future IoT work and research from within the Media Innovation Studio, and we’re hoping to deploy Interface in new ways over the course of 2016 and beyond.