Dr. Mark Lochrie

Creative Technologist & Researcher in the Creative Industries
Media Innovation Studio
ME413, Media Factory
University of Central Lancashire
Tel: +44 1772 892712
Email: click to reveal mlochrie@uclan.ac.uk

Research Interests

Since completing his PhD in Community Participation in Mobile Entertainment Services, Mark’s research interests have grown to include the exploration and design of playful interfaces, interactions and technologies. He focusses these works around the human experience and to what effect it has on the wider communities.

The majority of Mark’s research is invested in working with people, understanding the challenges, journeys and stories that underpin a project. Through a series of processes and techniques, Mark is able to extract these elements in order to get the most out of people and to have a greater impact. He believes the key to success is a strong founding in collaboration and interdisciplinarity. Primarily through combining academics, practitioners and end users, he feels that this is where the true impact can be released and one that is a key component of his work throughout the project’s life cycle; discovery, prototyping, design and building, culture and deployment (test, refine, iterate, improve, re-test).

Based in the Media Innovation Studio, his role is divided into three areas; servicing clients, his own works and supervision. Servicing clients – includes mentoring and consulting on a range of academic or commercial projects, either as a researcher or technology consultant. Through mentoring programmes, Mark is able to work with early researchers who share a common research interest to lay foundations in their research careers. Alongside servicing clients, Mark is keen to further his own practice, this is where he continues to explore his main research interests through designing, prototyping, launching and studying. He also likes to set aside time to work on pet projects. Supervision is something Mark has done for a while, however, more recently this has extended to include academic supervision. Mark is keen to grow talent, pass on knowledge and share ideas, whether that is through internships or PhD students. It is with this he feels he can create a vibrant culture for research and development.

Research Supervision

Included in the Media Innovation Studio’s manifesto is the nurturing of new talent, which is achieved in many guises from delivering of teaching, interns and Master and PhD supervision. Mark has always positioned himself as one of the people leading this through taking on interns; Glenn Matthys and Aäron Declerck to contribute work on the DataMakers project from building companion apps for onboarding and learning to sensor platforms to monitor air quality. More recently he has expanded his duties to include supervising PhD candidates; Jack Davenport : Designing Meaningful Sound based Interface for Creative Play and Oliver Halstead : Creating Interactive Sound Archives: Open Tools for People and Places.

Recent Publications