Paper-based web connected objects and the Internet of Things through EKKO

July 23, 2015
Mark Lochrie

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Authors: John Mills, Paul Egglestone, Mark Lochrie, Martin Skelly
Abstract: Paper has existed as a communications ‘platform’ for thousands of years. It’s ‘versioning history’ spans papyrus, parchment and pulp, and when paper became a scalable and mass-production item, most famously via the Guttenberg press, it sparked unparalleled social and political change. It’s a technology that’s had ‘impact’. More recently, News and Information - a sector with paper at its core - has seen substantial editorial and commercial disruption from digital communications networks. This paper outlines a collaborative project between journalism, media and technology researchers, and commercial product designers, exploring the potential of paper-based web-connected objects. Our work examines how emergent conductive ink technologies could offer a disruptive alternative to existing media products, and explores how to create, power and populate a connected paper platform, and analyse user activity. Through a range of industry partnerships with newspaper, magazine and book publishers, our research creates new paper affordances and interactions, and positions paper as a digital disruptor.

Where: British HCI
Publication date: 15/07/2015
Document: pdf