CAST project review as year-long pilot comes to a close

December 22, 2016
Clare Cook

The CAST (DisCovery Amplification Sustainability and InteracTions) system uses WiCastr devices to build hyperlocal broadcasting networks. It leverages a WIFI mesh capable of sustaining hyperlocal content discovery and interactions from electronic devices without the need for a mobile application. A year-long project has run in three Armenian villages using 30 devices. It allows ordinary people in villages to access news, educational resources and information. It also tests how they can interact with one another digitally using the village connectivity system as a digital ‘word of mouth’ tool. As such, the pilot inspires fusion between innovations in proximity broadcasting technology, community engagement tools, and hyperlocal content.

So far we have:

  • served more than 5,000 alternative news and media posts in an environment otherwise dominated by politically pressured mainstream news
  • mobilized more than 12 days of training to village groups of 30+ impacting on digital literacy and community activism
  • signed up 20 editors as community reporters to post more than 100 stories about their village
  • built a system which can scale to wider village networks and be adapted to include more content from a range of providers
  • allow users to upload content from any wifi connected device near WiCastr access points

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Project lead Clare Cook discusses the overview aims and intentions here:


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